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Franchise FAQ


Do I need experience in education or child care?

Experience is helpful, but not necessary. You are allowed to hire a director with educational experience who will operate the business along with you. It is more important that you have a strong business acumen or prior experience managing or running a business. Lightbridge Academy will provide the instruction necessary to understand our culture, programs, procedures and curriculum through our 94-hour training process and our ongoing business coaching.

Initial Investment

How profitable are the centers?

Detailed financial performance Item 19 of the Lightbridge Franchise Company Disclosure Agreement (FDD). Please contact the Franchise Development team to receive a copy.

Franchise Fee$42,000$60,000
Center Development Fee$30,000$30,000
Initial Training & Opening Assistance Fee$12,500$25,000
Background Checks$1,350$2,700
Lease Deposit$30,000$65,000
Leasehold ImprovementsVariesVaries
Lease Guaranty Set-up Fee$0$20,000
Lease Guaranty Pay$0$2,900
Equipment, Fixtures & Furnishings$222,978$263,285
Permits & Licenses$400$1,500
Prepaid Insurance Premium/Utility Deposits$4,000$6,750
Pre-Launch/Grand Opening Advertising$24,000$24,000
Initial Promotional Materials$2,500$2,500
Training Program Fee$1,000$5,000
Professional Fees$15,000$25,000
Additional Funds - 3 Months$130,000$175,000

The size of your facility, whether it is a fit-up or a built-to-suit, as well as other variables, affect this estimate.

What financing options are available?

Many alternatives are available to franchisees from taking out a conventional loan to leveraging your retirement savings. We work with potential franchise owners to obtain the right financing for their investment. We can connect you with trusted lenders who know the franchise business and are comfortable with Lightbridge Academy's business model.

What are your royalties?

First six months: 4 percent of gross revenues
After month seven: 7 percent of gross revenues
There is also a 2 percent contribution to the Lightbridge Academy Brand Fund, which goes toward marketing and advertising the Lightbridge Academy business.

Do I need to find my own site?

No. The right location is critical to the success of any center, so our experts will advise you and work with you on key markets under development and assist you throughout the entire site selection process.

How long does it take to open a center?

The process typically takes from 24 to 30 months. You'll be involved every step of the way and we'll help you make good use of your time by learning the business, completing your training and beginning your local area marketing.

What kind of training will I receive before my center opens?

Lightbridge Academy provides 138 hours of training through in-classroom teaching, webinars and hands-on instruction in an operating child care center. This takes place throughout the building process and stretches all the way to opening day. Our training program exceeds the industry standard, underscoring our Circle of Care commitment to franchisees.

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Lightbridge Academy offers a unique Circle of Care, in which the needs of parents are as important as the care and education of their children. Lightbridge Academy serves children from six weeks of age through Kindergarten.