Creating A Family Legacy Through Multi-Unit Franchising

Creating a Family Legacy through Multi-Unit Franchising

Multi-unit franchising can offer numerous benefits, including the opportunity to create a family legacy. For Raj and Veenu Parkash, multi-unit franchisees of Lightbridge Academy, franchising has been a way to create a legacy for their children to build on.


Raj and Veenu’s daughter initially pursued a job in Human Resources but eventually joined the family business and worked her way up to become the center director in one of their child care centers. By working for the family business, she gained a broader experience than just in human resources in her corporate job. This opportunity developed her skills in various aspects of the business, including marketing, operations, and finance. Not only did her experience contribute to her professional growth, but it also sparked a passion for early childhood education, leading her to pursue a master’s degree in child development.


“It is amazing that we didn’t know when we started with Lightbridge Academy where our lives would go and how it was going to impact our children,” said Veenu. The Parkash family’s story demonstrates the generational impact franchising can have. In this case, enabling parents to pass down not just financial wealth but also valuable skills and experience to their children. By working together as a family, there is a shared purpose and goals that can strengthen bonds and create a sense of unity.


If you have a desire to build a better future for your loved ones, and a legacy for yourself explore investing in multi-unit franchising with Lightbridge Academy. As a franchisee, you can make a lasting impact on young lives while creating a multi-generational opportunity for your own family. Contact us today to learn more!