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Lightbridge Academy has a way of making parents and children feel like they're special. Here, everyone is surrounded by a Circle of Care that's more than a philosophy and extends into every part of our operations. As a company, we are always forward thinking to stay ahead of the curve and strengthen the business model to keep it relevant for the ever changing needs of busy parents. This puts us in the position of providing an always-in-demand service with constantly renewing consumer base. 

We're different from the rest

At Lightbridge Academy, we pride ourselves on being The Solution For Working Parents®, as they are an important part of everything we do and will experience our Circle of Care the moment they walk in the door of the center. 

Caring makes the difference

There is nothing more gratifying than the relationships you build with families as you support and nurture them through the precious years of their child's life. However, you may find that being an educator is not your calling and that you enjoy managing the back end of the business. You need to be where you can contribute the most, and you have that option. Whether you choose to operate your own center or hire a center director, you will be nurtured by a skilled franchise management team and surrounded by caring educators and joyful children. You'll make a difference in the lives of hardworking parents who value your work and appreciate what you do. 

We believe that the Circle of Care we provide and the relationships that we create will transform lives. It is not just talk, it is our daily walk. That's what makes Lightbridge Academy early learning centers unique and what sets us apart from any other franchise opportunity. We have crafted an unparalleled body of knowledge, insight and guidance into an experience that is exactly what parents are looking for and what children need. Best yet, we've made it easy for franchisees to bring that experience to their own communities.

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Lightbridge Academy offers a unique Circle of Care, in which the needs of parents are as important as the care and education of their children. Lightbridge Academy serves children from six weeks of age through Kindergarten.