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Franchise Opportunities in Florida


Florida is known for its warm, sunny climate, oranges, high population growth and as America's backyard! Many families flock to this state that is filled with hidden treasures. Rich in culture and diversity, Florida’s developing areas are prime for needing quality child care programs, such as Lightbridge Academy, that not only nurture and educate children, but also meet the needs of busy working parents.

Opportunities in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is the largest and most populous city in the state of Florida. It’s commercial and financial districts, historic ties to the US Navy, and sizeable port, make it the heart of northern Florida. Jacksonville has been nominated as the third in the top ten US cities to relocate to find a job and ranked as the tenth fastest growing city in America. Prime Lightbridge Academy territories exist for a child care franchise in Jacksonville, Florida.

Opportunities in Orlando

Orlando, also known as “the city beautiful”, is located in central Florida and is the state’s largest inland city. The city is also a major industrial and hi-tech area and is a nationally recognized cluster of innovation. In 2014, Orlando and other neighboring cities began servicing a local commuter rail line in addition to their existing downtown bus service. Lightbridge Academy child care services would be a strong amenity to the Orlando community when conveniently located near any of these commuting services, easing the stress for working parents. 

Opportunities in Tampa

Tampa, located on the west coast of Florida near the Gulf of Mexico, is the largest city in the metropolitan bay area. The city ranks as the fifth most popular American city. With an estimated 22,000 children under the age of five, it is prime location for a Lightbridge Academy franchise opportunity. 

Opportunities in West Palm Beach & Miami

West Palm Beach and Miami are two of the three major cities in South Florida. The quality neighborhoods, school-system and overall culture make this area so appealing to homeowners, as it gives big-city vibes with the small-town ambiance. The business-friendly government allows for small business and start-ups to thrive. Quality daycare in either West Palm Beach or Miami would be well received and enrich the local community. 

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Lightbridge Academy offers a unique Circle of Care, in which the needs of parents are as important as the care and education of their children. Lightbridge Academy serves children from six weeks of age through Kindergarten.