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Child Care Opportunities in Maryland


Little state. Big opportunity. From Baltimore County’s more urban areas, to Howard County’s affluent suburbs, there’s a lot of potential in one of the country’s smallest states. Lightbridge Academy can help turn this potential into opportunity for those seeking a child care franchise in Maryland.

Baltimore Metro

Baltimore County

Baltimore County, surrounding the City of Baltimore, is bustling with young and busy professionals that only want the best for their children and need the confidence that they are being entrusted to a safe, nurturing environment. Public transportation is abundant, with multiple busses, train and subway lines crisscrossing the county, making commuting into the City of Baltimore or around the metro area a breeze for residents. 

Howard County

Towns in Howard County can always be found on lists like “America’s Top Places to Live” or “Maryland’s Best Towns,” and for good reason. Howard is known for its affluence, high quality of life for its residents and excellent school system – making it an excellent fit for a Lightbridge Academy child care franchise

Anne Arundel County

Anne Arundel County is known as the “land of pleasant living.” According to the County’s government, Anne Arundel has one of the strongest economies in the state and is a magnet for outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers and families to settle down. This active county along the coast of Maryland is close enough to commute into more urban areas like the City of Baltimore while still being able to raise a family in a rural environment.

Harford County

Located in northern Maryland with easy access to major highways, Harford County offers the unique opportunity of giving residents the ability to easily commute in and out of state to Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C., while still retaining an amazing quality of life for their children in a rural setting. Lightbridge Academy child care services would be a strong amenity in this area easing the stress for commuting parents.

Carroll County

A predominantly rural county, Carroll County is becoming a more suburban area, trading farmland for more businesses. The County’s emerging technology and manufacturing sectors are enticing new and established businesses to invest in Carroll County. The need for quality child care goes hand in hand with this economic development.

Washington, D.C. Metro

Frederick County

Frederick County is the largest county in Maryland, boasting miles of green pastures and rolling mountain ranges. Highly rated school systems entice Washington, D.C. commuters to raise their families in this picturesque county just one hour away from D.C.’s city center. As The Solution for Working Parents®, Lightbridge Academy is a perfect fit for a child care franchise in Fredrick County.

Montgomery County

Located within Montgomery County are Bethesda and Silver Springs – two of the most populous places to live in for those who work in Washington, D.C. Only a short drive away, it makes this county the perfect place to give busy professionals peace of mind in entrusting their children to a quality early education program such as Lightbridge Academy.

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Lightbridge Academy offers a unique Circle of Care, in which the needs of parents are as important as the care and education of their children. Lightbridge Academy serves children from six weeks of age through Kindergarten.